Dinghy rentals

The boat rental varies for every type of need, easily accessible even for those who did not own the nautical license.

Our marine fleet is made up of 15 boats, boats and inflatable boats of various sizes and engines able to carry from 5 up to 12 passengers. Each boat is perfectly cared for in the details and equipped with all the accessories that give the navigation a great comfort and ability to maneuver in the sea!

Our first goal is to make you spend a beautiful and relaxing day in the best Italian sea.  Hence, at the time of the rental you will be given explanations on the operation of the inflatable and, everything you need to know about the best beaches, coves to visit in area and, also where you need to pay a little more attention. All of this supported by a nautical chart.

Inflatables that do not require a nautical license vary from 4 to 7 seats, while those who own a nautical license are from 8 to 12 seats, they are all new generation inflatable boats with new engines up to 4 years old.